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Green Office Supplies

At ACT Supplies, the source for office technology and general supplies, establishing a Green Office is easier than ever with our selection of environmentally friendly products.

While a green office may seem like an expensive, long-term process, ACT Supplies offers affordable products made from recycled paper, bottles, and more to make your goal a reality much sooner. Not only do environmentally friendly office supplies yield financial benefits, but also reduce maintenance and are energy efficient. A greener workplace can mean a healthier and more productive place to work, so why not start today?


Recycled Paper Products to Get You Started

Recycling is the first step to achieving an environmentally friendly office, but you aren’t really recycling unless you buy products made from recycled content. Recycled paper requires less energy and water to manufacture, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

On top of that, using recycled content paper products diverts good, reusable paper away from landfills and incinerators and back into products. It should be easy to find products made from recycled material and more when glancing through our Green Catalog. Start developing your eco-friendly office with ease with our recycled products. We offer index cards, memo books, dividers, and more all made from recycled goods.

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